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We’re finally getting married after ten years! Yay!


Aaron and I met ten years ago in college and we have been dating ever since. He is laid back and has an outrageous sense of humor. I am outgoing and spontaneous, but I am also intense and OCD. We are both oenophiles, and we love doing crazy things like skydiving or going to Italy on a whim. We bought a house together three years ago in Houston, Texas, and we have a kitler (kitty who looks like Hitler) named Blue. Aaron is a great groom who puts up with my constant yammering about wedding plans, and he has been very participatory and helpful throughout the entire process!

We are having a non-denominational wedding and reception in the US, followed by a small reception in Taiwan. Our friend Javier, who we have known since we started dating, is officiating the ceremony in Houston. We want to celebrate our ten years of courtship with a big party that will make my Taiwanese family and Aaron’s New Orleans family feel equally at home. We will have a small banquet for about fifty people in Taipei, Taiwan following our US wedding. We started planning our reception in Taiwan last December. I have such fond childhood memories of Taiwanese wedding banquets, so it was great fun to go to restaurants for tasting items to include in our own banquet. People were very warm and receptive, and it took almost no time at all to have everything reserved and arranged, including engagement cookies (it’s Taiwanese tradition to announce your engagement by sending your family and close friends fancy tins of tea cookies). We’ve decided on having our banquet in a small town about one hour away from Taipei. It will be at a small cottage overlooking a river. They specialize in teppanyaki style cooking (think Benihana, but a lot nicer) and they use fresh, unique ingredients.

Now we are setting up our wedding in the States, which is a very different process.

We have changed our ideas several times throughout our search for a venue. We’ve looked at a couple of traditional wedding venues (mansions or event halls) and realized we do not want anything conventional. We then looked at art galleries because I thought it would be fitting for someone in the museum field. However, after looking at several galleries in Houston, it became clear that they would not be big enough. We moved on to looking at historic or grand spaces and we settled on the Wortham Center Grand Foyer, which is where the Houston Opera performs. It is a civic building, so it was cheaper than any venue we’ve looked at up to that point. Unfortunately, they’ve heaped a lot of hidden fees on to our bill. Now we are looking for a new venue. I’ve recently fallen in love with farm/barn weddings, so we are looking at several farms outside of Houston. It was such a great relief when our friend Melissa offered us her family property in Montgomery, Texas! We have a venue and a date! It is an exciting time!

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