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Au Revoir For Now!

July 6, 2010

As Mr. Chick and I pack to leave for France tomorrow, I am thinking of all you wedding bees and Weddingbee readers out there. I am remembering how much support you all gave me throughout our journey together. Not to be sappy, and I know I have been bad about posting regularly, but I really wanted to thank everyone for all the suggestions, well wishes, for making me laugh, and your company in general!

Let me give you some updates on what has been going on:

I got my first ever gel manicure yesterday. It took about an hour and a half and I totally fell asleep while they were doing my nails. I’m sure it was very interesting for my manicurist to hold a completely limp hand and sticking it into the UV light box for me while my eyes were closed. Man I was tired!

Since it was a gel manicure, there aren’t many colors to choose from. I did manage to find a very cute light pink to match my toes, which is “Got a Date To-Knight!” from OPI:

(Image courtesy of

I am almost all packed. Ok I’m halfway packed. I’ve completed my spreadsheet of what to pack. It’s separated into sections and tabs…it helps me relax to know what I am bringing!

We got our wedding bands and they are beautiful! I had to get mine resized so I don’t have a picture yet…I will post as soon as I get them!

So…in summary:

Wedding bands: check!

Packing: half check!

Bikini-ready body: check when I haven’t eaten!

Dress+veil (thanks to mama chick!): Check!

Shoes: Check!

Oh I forgot to show you guys my shoes! I finally found my THE shoes!

(Image courtesy of

They are Kate Spade Lora from Piperlime, on sale right now!

I can’t wait to see our families in France and to go on mystery honeymoon! We return on July 20th, and we will have another reception (wedding #3) in Houston on July 24th. Until then, au revoir!

Did you have multiple weddings? How did you coordinate them?

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