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Wedding Shower

June 17, 2010

Guess what? I’m in jury duty today! Yay! And this is my 100th post!

Ok not yay on the jury duty part (heh heh, doody). But yay for having spare time to blog!

This past Sunday, our friend Bex threw a shower for us. I must admit, when I got engaged, I dissed the idea of showers…the one I went to was nice but very adult (not in the sexy way!) and a little boring. I love the bride dearly, but to be fair, it was an office shower so it was full of coworkers, and there’s just no way logistically for an event full of coworkers to be actually fun…at least not where I work anyway. I specifically told Mr. Chick that I was very glad we are not having any showers because I thought they were awkward.

As months passed, some of my friends got engaged and they had wedding showers. I began to think, why has no one threw a shower for me? Do my friends not love me? POUT. (of course now that I think about it, it may or may not be because I kept telling everyone how showers are boring. Hmmph.)

Then, my MOH and BMs in San Francisco threw me a lingerie shower. Hooray! It was so much fun!

But then I got back to Houston and the pouting of the why-no-shower-from-Texas-friends began again.

Bex Prime to the rescue! She asked if she could throw us/me a shower and i said YES PLEASE! She asked Mr. Chick if he wanted to come and his response was “Will it be boring?” Ok, I guess that is my fault. He has never actually been to a shower, and has only heard my rantings (from the early days before my SF shower).

First we brainstormed on what theme the wedding shower will have. Being the clueless bride I was, I thought Bex meant like a costume theme…so my response was something like “oh, the 80s?” which…makes no sense in wedding world. Bex, being the more sophisticated one between us, suggested maybe a kitchenware theme. Since our registry only has a couple physical items and consists of mostly honeymoon donations, Bex suggested that we could do a honeymoon themed couples shower. What a great idea!!

Here is her very cute evite:

(I am trying to credit the source but for the life of me I can’t find it. Bex said she found it randomly on google image search…)

When we arrived at Shade, one of my favorite restaurants in Houston (if you ever go, you must get the breakfast assorted pastries basket), we had the restaurant all to ourselves, and the tables were beautifully decorated with flowers, paper airplanes, and little pictures of Mr. Chick and me cut into heart shapes! Bex even had the restaurant make a special drinks and food menu for us that said “Congratulations Mr. and Miss Chick!” (but with our real names) on it. We felt so special!

(All photos courtesy of BM Lulu)

(l to r: Max, moi, Bex, Mr. Chick, officiant Javier!)

Hooray for martinis! And Mr. Chick!

Everyone came! Hooray! We are a colorful crowd.

Mr. Chick enjoying a delicious coconut scrimp.

Afterwards a couple of us went to another bar. We decided to bring our centerpieces and use them as props:

All in all, I had a great fun time at our shower! It was casual, full of yummy drinks and food, and none of that opening the present ceremony. Not that that’s a bad thing—it’s just not for me!

What kind of wedding shower did you have? Did it have a theme? If so, what was it?

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  1. June 18, 2010 2:03 am

    i love the creativity behind this shower! fun, meaningful, practical and filled with love. bon voyage and happy wedding!

  2. June 19, 2010 6:00 am


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