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You Say Qipao, I Say Chipao

May 24, 2010

When I was little, I didn’t dream much about getting married. The two wedding dreams I had as a little girl were:

1. The food, especially the traditional Taiwanese dessert of pink and white glutinous rice balls that are fried then sprinkled with peanut powder and sugar.

2. Being able to wear a really cute chipao!

These are some chipaos that I am in love with. They are all worn by Maggie Cheung in the movie In the Mood for Love:

(images courtesy of The Fashion Spot.)

I love that these chipaos are all so traditionally styled, but the fabrics are so modern yet timeless!

BM Julia was so awesome and bought fabric for me from New York:

A month ago, I went to a Chinese tailor who made a wedding chipao for BM Lulu’s friend. Last week I went back only to find out that they stopped make chipaos! I looked on yelp and of course, Weddingbee, but didn’t find anyone else in Houston. Luckily, BM Lulu saw a place on her way home that makes chipaos. Yay!

The shop is on the outskirts of town in an old shopping plaza. I drove around the plaza but could not find it. Finally I called and they said they are next to the Cash Box Karaoke. I parked my car and saw only “Floor Mills” next to the karaoke bar. On a closer look, the windows under Floor Mills displayed wedding dresses and chipaos. I went in and a very nice lady took my measurements and promised to have it done in a month. Fingers crossed! I will keep you all posted…pictures of finished chipao to come!

The tailor’s name is Zi Yuan Gao. I can’t promise anything about the finished product since I don’t have it yet, but here is her contact information in case there are any other Houston brides who need a chipao:

10600 Bellaire Blvd

suite 123

Houston, TX 77072

713 885 4818

Are you wearing a chipao for your wedding? If so, are you buying a ready-made one or are you having one custom-made?

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