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Decorations Are Almost Done!

April 28, 2010

This Sunday, some of my closest friends in town came over and very kindly helped me form a sweatshop for our wedding decorations in exchange for cheesesteak sandwiches, queso, and chips.

Here are the projects we completed (can I just say how proud I am of us completing all of the projects?!)

Project #1, a beautiful garter by Jing! HOORAY!!

Project #2: boutineers for the men!

During crafts delirium, hilarity occurs:

Just for fun, we put some flowers in Lulu’s hair!

For those of you who enjoy Lulu’s crafts, she started a blog about them! Check it out HERE. Don’t forget to also check out her Etsy store!

Project #3: Centerpieces

I bought these lovely glass plates from a church thrift store in town. I am thinking of putting some CB2 candlesticks on top with pink tapered candles, add a sprinkling of these paper flowers around it:

(Image courtesy of CB2)

Project #4: Garlands

I was inspired by these French Star Garlands on Etsy:

(Images courtesy of Royal Buffet Etsy Store)

The boys established an assembly line!

I went to the second-hand bookstore and bought some French textbooks and novels. I found these little maps of Paris in the textbook. Aren’t they adorable?

Now that we have most of our decorations done, we need to figure out where to place them!

Here are some images of the interior of 13 Celsius, where the reception will be:

I’m thinking the garlands will hang off of the six big windows in the picture above and maybe even some from the ceiling beams if we can get up there. The centerpieces will go on their lovely marble round tables, and we have leftover paper flowers to sprinkle on the bar as well.

MOH Eugenia and BM Jennie will be making these, but I need to figure out where they could go!

Maybe above the cake table?

Or on the car?

Images courtesy of Martha Stewart)

Or both? J+E, don’t you love how I am volunteering you guys to do this? 😛

Here are the how-to’s for the cake and car pompoms.

How are your DIY decoration projects going?

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