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Next Stop: Shoes

April 14, 2010

Now that I have the dress (Mr. Chick, DO NOT CLICK on that link!), it’s time to buy shoes!

My requirements for shoes are:

-Must be around 3 inches.

-Must be special

-Must not slip of feet while dancing (maybe straps required)

That is all! I am open colors of white, off white, nude, gray, blues, and pinks.

In my last shoe post, I liked these by Hey Lady):

(Images courtesy of Hey Lady)

I’ve been reading Fashion Bride’s Shoes to Kill and Die for…bad news for someone who’s trying to get some work done in the office. These shoes literally are shoes I would kill (maybe not die) for. Examples:

Valentino. Yes, Valentino. A.k.a. unaffordable.

I was just about to come to the conclusion that the shoes on Fashion Bride are completely unattainable for most people when I discovered this post. Bourne is a terrific line of luxury shoes at semi affordable prices! Unfortunately, they are all made in China…I’m against buying things made in China on principal…but if the shoes are cute enough I might be pursuaded.

Here are some I like, but not love:

(Images courtesy of!)

I also love these shoes by Pura Lopez:

(Images courtesy of again)

So, the search is still on…

How did you decide on your shoes? Did you opt for color or cream?

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