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The Real Veil

January 26, 2010

I’ve finally decided on a veil! Hooray!

Here are some I tried on with my dress. I knew I wanted my mom to make my veil for me, and after explaining this to Mia Couture (where I got my dress) owner Emily, she kindly suggested that I try on different veils with my dress so that I can send pictures to my mom.

Mr. Chick, do not go any further!!!

The first one she picked out was nearly perfect:

(All pictures courtesy of Team Bride JenPez!)

I love the delicate English lace, but I wanted the back too hit the back of my knees, and the front to reach my fingertips.

I then tried on a pencil edged one:

I think the thin edge does not really compliment the softness of the dress.

I love the length of this one! However, it doesn’t have a blusher. Although the edge is a nice thick double layer of sheer material, I still prefer lace.

Next up: a ribbon-edged floor-length veil:

The lenghthiness of the veil made me feel like Princess Diana.  Meh.

The last one I tried on (above) was too short, and lacking in lace!

Finally, it’s back to trying on the first one again:

Really, how amazing is that lace!!

I was tempted to buy it despite its length, but when I found out the price ($550!!) I nearly fell on the floor. I mean, for $550 you can buy almost three whole dresses at anthropologie! I joke. You can buy two dresses at anthropologie. I joke again!!

Anyway, I decided that I like the idea of very delicate lace on the edges, but I still love the shape of this veil:

(Image courtesy of Fashion Bride)

It really is the perfect shape and length for me!

And ladies, I have decided against the Audrey Hepburn tiara from this post. My dress and veil will already have a lot going on!

So, I went to the fabric store, and with the help of JenPez once again, we picked out tulle, lace, and a pattern, and sent it off to Mama Chick!

I couldn’t find the exact veil pattern I wanted, so I am hoping Mama Chick can combine two patterns together. I bought the Butterick Pattern B4487. I am hoping she can take the length of the back of this one:

With the shape of this one:

Does anyone have any brilliant ideas about how to do this in a less make-shifty way?

What were your veil experiences? Did you buy one or did you make one (or have someone make it for you?)

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