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January 18, 2010

My, my, my, it has been a long time!

First off, let me apologize for running away for so long. Let me start from the beginning.

On our tenth anniversary when we were in Seattle last year, I had a revelation. I felt like everything for our wedding was becoming make-shift because I was holding on to my childhood idea of what my wedding would be: everyone sitting down to dinner, dancing, toasts. From renting the china, glasses, tent, silverware, to all my DIY projects, I was starting to feel overwhelmed and further and further away from what this wedding is about. So I told Mr. Chick that I’ve had a change of heart—that we would do his original dream (which i shot down long ago) because that is so much more “us.” So, long story short, we are getting married in France!

A year and a half ago, Aaron and I visited a small town in France, Sauternes. We fell in love with the town, and we’ve now booked a chateau in the town next door, Barsac, where we will be staying and having a small ceremony in the gardens.

I give you Chateau de Camperos!

We will then have dinner at Le Saprien, a restaurant we went to last time. It was delicious and the folks there made us feel right at home. We leave from Barsac for our honeymoon in the Mediterranean and return to Houston to have a ceremony and simple reception at 13 Celsius!

Did you have any revelations when you were planning your wedding?

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