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Bridesmaid Dresses, at Last!

October 30, 2009

I am so SO excited about this post! I’ve been thinking about bridesmaid dresses for longer than my own wedding dress! I’m not sure why, but there’s something about bridesmaid dresses that just tickle my fancy. I’ve decided on JCrew dresses in the color “light pewter,” a.k.a. light gray. I will also have pink flower or bow accents (either a brooche or belt). I’m also letting my bms choose the style of the dress. Now the problem is I’m not sure whether I should decide on one fabric or let it be a free-for-all type deal. Here are the dresses categorized by material:

(All images courtesy of JCrew)

Silk Tricotine:


silk sophia


silk hope


silk robin


Silk Cecelia

Cotton Cady:


Cotton Erica

(Erica is MOH’s favorite!)


Cotton Alexa


Cotton Serena

Lydia (I have this one in chartreuse, as you can see from our engagement pictures):

cotton lydia


cotton sydney

Inittially, I wasn’t too hot for silk taffeta. But Jcrew’s new styles in silk taffeta are TO DIE FOR. They are so adorable!!

Silk Taffeta:


Silk Taff Gracen

Bow Monde (This one is my current favorite! Perhaps I should buy one for myself? haha!):

silk taff Monde


silk taff lorelei


silk taff ruffle


silk taff clementine

The three below are on sale right now!

Delores, $70:


Sangle Strapless, $60:

silk taff strapless

Sangle Halter, $60 (I LOVE this one!):

silk taff sangle halter

Phew! That was a lot of dresses.

I think in the process of posting these, I’ve discovered my favorites are all different materials. Here are my top picks for the lovely bridesmaids:

Silk Tricotine Hope

Silk Tricotine Robin

Cotton Cady Erica

Cotton Cady Lydia

Silk Taffeta Gracen

Silk Taffeta Bow Monde

Silk Taffeta Ruffle

Silk Taffeta Sangle Halter

I’ve a sneaking suspicion that most of these dresses will go on sale during Christmas…or at least I’m hoping so. I’m a bit scared that by Christmas they will stop making light pewter…any one have any insights?

I guess I answered my own question about materials after all—I am going to let everyone choose whatever material they want. Such difficult decisions! I can’t even begin to think about shoes yet.

How did you decide on the coordination of bridesmaid dresses? Color? Material? Style?

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  1. December 23, 2009 3:42 pm

    it fits… and maybe just a little bid big… or cause i don’t hv a wide hip! NEED TO EAT MORE FRIED CHICKEN!!!!! hahaha….

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