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A Bee’s Life: Chick Edition

October 4, 2009

Better late than never, right? Here goes my story!

How did I find Weddingbee?

This is a pretty interesting story, actually! Miss Apple Cider and my MOH older sister work together! My sister sent me Miss Apple Cider’s blog with a note “I work with her! She has the cutest ideas!” I was immediately obsessed with her blog and read every single entry retroactively. Then one day I read her ecstatic post on being accepted as a bee and I wondered what in the world she was talking about. 😛 The rest is history!

How I became a Weddingbee blogger

Life is funny. A couple of months before I applied to be a wedding blogger, Mr. Chick and I had just gotten back from a trip to Italy. We went to Rome and Tuscany for about two weeks. When I got back, I had an intense Italy-Lovin’ bug and I wanted to remember every second of the trip. It’s the first trip that I really really planned. Usually I loosely plan our trips (as in I book hotels and look for 3 or 4 things to do while we were there). But for this trip, I planned every minute of it. I blame google docs. Anyway, I wanted to have a photo and text journal and thought blogging was the perfect way to preserve my memories and to share with others. Here is the blog if you would like to see it. A couple of months later, I went home to help my parents move from New Jersey to Taiwan. In the process, I found my eighth and ninth grade journal. Hilarity ensued while reading it, and my sister insisted that I transcribe the journal, blog form. I guess you can say I had/have blog fever!

Long story short, I started with a couple of binders and divider pages of inspirational photos for my wedding, then quickly realized I was using up a lot of ink and paper printing from the interwebs. So I started my wedding blog as somewhere where I can organize my ideas and easily send family and friends links when they ask me about my wedding. I have gotten a couple of “You have a blog?! For your wedding?!” *cue ridiculous stare* from some of my single friends (have any of y’all ever gotten that?). I love blogging about our wedding not just for the convenience of being able to send family and friends links whenever they ask me about something, but also as a creative outlet. When I realized that I could share my ideas and inspirations with readers, I immediately applied to be a Weddingbee blogger!

Blogging Tips:

Well, I’m still relatively new to the blogging world, so I’m not sure how much advice I can give. The things I’ve learned are:

1. Make your personality shine. If you’re funny, make your posts funny. If you’re a sentimental person, play on those heart strings.

2. Talk about yourself. Readers love to know about who you are!

3. Have a tough skin. Although I have gotten so much love from the bees and the readers, there are times when the snark comes out. Just remember everyone has their own opinions, and let it roll off your back.

Thank you guys for reading! I have received so much support, love, not to mention incredibly helpful advice from everyone!!



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