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Take a Bow (Rihanna or Madonna Style, You Pick!)

September 28, 2009

So, you guys know how much I love flower accents for our bridesmaids. I’ve found so many different flower belts, flower combs and hair clips. Today, I found something maybe even better! Something that really suits my personality! My sister has always made fun of me for my hello-kitty-like obsession with bows. I love bow necklaces, earrings, dresses—really, if a bag a dog poo had a bow on it, I would probably buy it. ANYways, take a look at these!

(Thanks to Brookly Bride for this discovery. All items can be purchased from the Etsy shop of A Alicia Handmade Accessories)







At $40 to $65 a pop, these babies are pretty pricey. However, they look pretty darn easy to DIY, don’t you think? I’m not a huge fan of the netting over the felt (although I can totally see a bride wearing a birdcage veil with her bridesmaids wearing these brooches/corsages! That would be a nice way to tie the whole party together). What would be an appropriate material for a spring wedding? I thought felt or maybe a velvet wire lined ribbon, but is that too wintery? I am vetoing silk or the traditional ribbon material because it doesn’t look very substantial.

I would like mine to be three bows of different pinks, pinned on to the waist of the bridesmaids dresses, or maybe make it into a belt. Or pin it as a brooche on the chest. Do you guys remember in Sex and the City, when Charlotte married Trey, how Carrie had a Scottish ribbon type thing pinned to her belt?

(I couldn’t find an image of it for the life of me, so I had to do a screen grab of the scene from youtube. Sorry for the poor quality!)


Ok, this was right after Aiden broke up with her, so not the happiest memory, but back to more important things like FASHION: there was a spread about bows in dresses in the latest InStyle Wedding issue, I believe. One of the featured dresses on there was this beauty from Vera Wang:


What are your thoughts about brooches or bows on bridesmaid dresses? How would you incorporate them into your bridal party?

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