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Rain, Rain, Come and Stay?

August 14, 2009

There’s something so annoying to me about sunsets. I’m not sure if it’s the aggresive way the sun beams into your eyes when you’re trying to drive, or the amount of Houston pollen and smog it seems to lift up, but something about it always makes me pray for rain. Don’t get me wrong, I do NOT want it to rain on my outdoor wedding day, (You hear that, rain gods? NO RAIN on my wedding day!)  but I wouldn’t mind a couple of decorations to simulate rain. I love the two decorations below because rain and clouds are a bit dark in nature, but the way they look are so cute and sweet—just like me!

From the Etsy shop of Timeless Paper:


$1.00 each. I think I would like it better with just one cloud. What do you think?


From the Etsy shop of le Petit Papillon. A bit pricey at $20, but surely can’t be that hard to make? We’ll see.

I can envision these little mobiles hanging off of the sides of a tent. If we don’t end up using a tent, where could I put these?

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