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More Engagement Photos

August 14, 2009

Tomorrow, Lulu and I are going location scouting for our engagement photo shoot. As we plan, I am coming up with more and more engagement photo ideas.

Below images courtesy of Flashdance.


I love the rawness and Andy Warhol feel of these black and white photos.

…and back to my vintage tastes:

ACFD47 bencrystal3


I really want to make a GIF! This reminds me of old timey silent movies:


Go to and search for Jennie and Brian (08.10.09) to see the video!

Here are some flickr photos I found:

I would love some of us just waking up in our messy bed:



One like this on Sunset or University Drive near Rice University with those big oak trees!



Caught in an intense argument about wines at 13 Celsius:



A casual moment at home:



This is so 3-D and original!


Courtesy of J’M Photography and Once Wed.

I always thought it would be very cheesy to take pictures at the touristy Water Wall in Houston, but I wanted to do it because Mr. Chick and I have fond memories there…here is one I found that is not SO cheesy:

Snapshot 2009-08-18 15-23-15

Courtesy of Aimeezing Faces.

How did you decide what sort of photos you wanted for your engagement shoot?

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