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Engagement Shoot

August 11, 2009

Lulu has once again come to our rescue.

I was telling (ok, complaining to) her about how much people charge for engagement shoots, and she kindly offered to photograph our engagement shoot! She is an excellent photographer, as you may remember from this picture:


We came up with a couple of photos to get a feel of what we are going for. I love the vintage look, and I like to keep the back ground very simple and muted, with maybe one point of focus that is colorful. You probably remember these pictures from a previous post:

Jill Thomas Photography:



Josh Goleman:



Jonas Peterson



Hey, I have that ikea lighted wreath from Christmas! What a great idea!



I love how the subjects almost blend into the background. Very subtle and pretty, but not frilly.


I definitely want a picture of us with Blue holding these prop moustaches!

Bella Grace Studios:

bella_07 face

One more kitty picture. Just one. I promise!


Our ideas so far for taking pictures are Rice University, 13 Celsius, the Waterwall, House of Pies, in front of our garage door, and the historic chapel at Houston Heritage Society. Any other ideas?

How did you come up with your engagement shoot locations?

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  1. August 11, 2009 10:03 pm

    i am trying to grow my balls…or maybe borrow ede’s… (maybe josh’s…he did dance like a chicken and ate a cockroch)…. and here you are scarying me by posting this. what if it turn out to be HORRIBLE..what are you going to do then?

  2. amychien permalink*
    August 11, 2009 10:55 pm

    Don’t be silly, you are an excellent photographer!!

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