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Mad Men Revisited

August 6, 2009

You may remember my post earlier about wanting a Mad Men vibe for the groomsmen in this post. Well, the much anticipated partnership between Banana Republic and Mad Men has finally arrived! The womenswear has some promising outfits. However, the men’s outfits are less than inspiring:

Snapshot 2009-07-30 09-44-49

Image courtesy of Banana Republic.

While I agree, that suit looks very similar to Don’s, I feel like they had that suit before. Anyway, I am thinking it’s not going to be the best fit for Aaron since he has a slimmer build. Perhaps something more like this?

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-16-31 copy

This is from Burberry, or as I like to call it, Unaffordable. So, of course, I found my alternative love at JCrew!

Get ready for a big load of pictures!

Jcrew Italian Wool Ludlow three-button suit:

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-20-47 copy

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-25-06 copy

He could wear this vest when he’s dancing!

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-23-50 copy

Jcrew Italian Wool Aldridge two-button suit:

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-18-39 copy

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-19-29 copy

Now THIS looks very Mad Men to me, with the pocket square and tie clip.

Now THIS looks very Mad Men to me, with the pocket square and tie clip.

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-23-01 copy

I’m not sure how I feel about these pants. They seem a bit tapered. What do you guys think?

Drum roll, please! Her comes my all time fave suit! It is so nearly perfection. When I first saw it, I thought it was light gray. But the description says it is actually faded black fine stripes. I think if it were light gray, it would match perfectly with the bridesmaids’ pewter dresses. But this way it will be nice too, I think. I will have to actually see the swatch to make sure. It is also cotton (compared to the two wool suits above), will be easier to move in and cooler in the outdoor wedding.

But, right away I know this will 99% not happen. Mr. Chick refuses to wear stripes. Refuses! And of course I want him to wear something he loves. So we shall see. I’m sure we can find something similar somewhere else in light gray. Also, I might be just a teeny tiny bit biased in liking this suit because the model looks like a young Johnny Depp. Just saying!

Fine-stripe cotton Aldridge two-button suit:

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-25-57

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-26-22

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-26-42

Snapshot 2009-08-06 09-14-02

Snapshot 2009-08-06 09-16-52

Snapshot 2009-08-06 09-15-19

With brown shoes

With gray shoes. Which do you like better? Brown or gray shoes?

Which do you like better? Brown or gray shoes?

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-33-17

Snapshot 2009-07-30 16-36-56

Snapshot 2009-08-06 09-16-12

How are you and your groom planning his outfit?

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  1. August 6, 2009 8:00 pm

    Amy said I should leave to for you Milky

    “I love the strip. SCREW MILKY!!! He should wear it or DIE!!!”


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