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Flower Lights

July 23, 2009

Thanks to Lulu, who sent me this link! This is a nice alternative to the naked bulbs you see in most weddings these days.


Image courtesy of Sengelmann Hall

While I like the simplicity and the industrial feel of the bulbs, I think these lights make the atmosphere a little more Secret Garden-esque!


Images and text courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

To make flower fairy lights you will need:

  • Fairy lights
  • Vellum paper in a variety of colours
  • Scissors


1. Cut 15cm squares of vellum paper in a variety of colours. You will need two or three squares of paper for each fairy light. Fold paper square in half diagonally to form a triangle.

2. Fold the left and right corners up to meet at the centre, forming a diamond shape. Fold in half to form a small triangle. [see image left]

3. Cut curves along the open edges to form a heart-shaped top and create the petal effect. You might like to choose different petal shapes for each colour. Layering them, the variety of shapes will add depth.

4. Cut across the bottom point to create a small opening to slip the light bulb through. Unfold.

5. Layer a few paper petals in different colours on each fairy light. Attach the flowers above the bulb on the plastic wire so the bulb is left exposed.

While vellum paper is a lot less flammable than ordinary paper, but don’t leave the lights on unattended. We can see these looking amazing during a casual summer cocktail party in the garden- exactly what we’re planning for the upcoming months.

[edited from Notebook Magazine January 2007]


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