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Dilemmas of a Flat-Headed Girl

July 22, 2009

So, I’ve been pretty settled on having my hair down, or at least half down for the wedding. If you know me, you would know that I have very, very, steep-as-a-cliff FLAT back of head. When I was a teeny baby, my mom tried repeatedly to turn me over to my sides during sleepy times. However, I was stubborn and would turn to sleep on my back again and again, much like an upside-down turtle. Because of this, the back of my head is seriously vertical, as in 90 degrees. I also have a constant paranoia (nay, I’m pretty sure it’s true) of the lollipop head syndrome, aka, my head is slightly too big for my body. Having an updo might make my head seem even bigger, no?

But then I saw these pictures and they are making me want to have an updo! Maybe?

Pictures from Weddingbee, courtesy of Cly Creation.




I like that the front of the hair is styled parted to one side.

How did you decide on your hairstyle for the wedding? Are you having a different hairstyle for the ceremony and the reception?

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