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Another Great Honeymoon Dress

July 8, 2009

I probably won’t do this, but wouldn’t it be great to have this dress made (since it’s Chanel and I can’t afford it)?

It’s from Audrey Tautou’s film, Priceless:


medium_priceless Snapshot 2009-07-08 11-15-01 Snapshot 2009-07-08 11-15-33

Why, WHY are there no websites dedicated to every single outfit Audrey Tautou wears, INCLUDING ones she wears in movies?! I had to take screen shots of the last two images from the youtube trailer in order to get the full length of the dress.

This dress isn’t too shabby either:


If I were to do it, I would ask this lovely lady to design it for me. She has excellent taste and sewing skills, and her prices are unbelievably reasonable:

Michele Nassaney at, 917-309-8104 and her website is

Photos below taken by Anna Naphtalie

187 55

252 298

She also does men’s suits! How awesome is that?! I love the navy and the vintage feel of the brown tweed!

17 99

Thanks to Carolyn (again!) for introducing this fab designer!

Are you plannig your honeymoon outfits already?

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